Established in 2003, MODULAR CEILINGS Ltd is the original British company specialising in both the manufacture and installation of stretched ceilings. Our advantages are both financial and technical.
We don’t supply others. Our ceilings our supplied directly, thereby avoiding a substantial price mark up. Having our own factory, we are empowered to adapt our ceilings to exactly what our clients require without having to refer to a separate supplier. This has lead us to push the boundaries of how stretch ceilings can be used, whilst maintaining the highest level of quality control.

Each member of staff is highly trained and involved in every stage of the production and installation. Therefore they are very much aware of the exacting standards demanded by our clients. Given the prestigious nature of our work, it is not surprising that they feel a tremendous sense of pride and satisfaction at the completion of each project.

Recent years have been turbulent for the stretched ceiling industry and to achieve what we have has not been an easy journey. However, with determination, dedication and commitment we now boast an impressive portfolio. The development of our business over time and through experience has given us a stable foundation on which to continue into the future and enables us to offer a consistent and reliable service.

Our mission is to deliver maximum customer satisfaction by maintaining the highest quality and standards in the manufacture and installation of stretched ceilings, combined with an unequalled service that derives from the following methods:

• Operating in an efficient and professional manner.
• Keeping our clients fully informed by maintaining excellent communications.
• Doing what we say, when we say it.
• Demonstrating willingness and the ability to please by being responsive, creative and collaborative.

We offer a ten year guarantee on our welds and a two year guarantee on our workmanship, conditional on receipt of full payment within 7 days of the final invoice. As we supply and install, both these guarantees originate from the same organisation – MODULAR CEILINGS Ltd. Should any after sales service be necessary, we have a clear advantage in both the speed and the simplicity of our response.