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As manufacturers we are empowered to innovate and develop our product, which we constantly review in response to direct client feedback and input from our own staff.  We believe that our technical and aesthetic developments place our product at the cutting edge.


General – The ceiling panels are maintenance free. They are extremely strong but are not very resistant to damage by abrasion or penetration by sharp objects. If they are torn, it may under certain circumstances, be possible to repair them or to disguise the damage. Any damage would have to be assessed by a MODULAR CEILINGS operative.

Cleaning – The ceilings may be cleaned using a soft clean non-abrasive cloth and luke warm water with mild detergent..

Access and replacement – Removal or replacement of the ceiling panels is a skilled operation requiring special tools and training. Therefore such work can only be carried out by MODULAR CEILINGS personnel.


Our ceilings have been fire tested across the entire range of finishes and are CE compliant to EN 14716 : 2004.